Chili Plants From Cross Country Nurseries

If you want to skip the process of starting chili plants from seed, then is the perfect place to order your chili plants from.  I don’t have the space or equipment to grow my own pepper plants from seed, so this is always a perfect option.  Plus, they have a ton of varieties to choose from. 500 to be exact, but not every variety is always in stock.

This is my second year ordering from Cross Country Nursery and they always do an awesome job with shipping my pepper plants. These plants are grown in a greenhouse up in New Jersey, so because of the cold they just started shipping this past week.  A few varieties are already sold out for the season, so if you want to place an order do it soon.

I received my plants yesterday, so I’m going to harden them off for a few days before I plant them in my garden bed.  You want to harden off your plants, so they get use to being outside and don’t suffer from shock.  After all, these plants are used to the controlled conditions of a greenhouse.

The bottom line is that this is a great option if you want to grow peppers and skip the seed process.



3 thoughts on “Chili Plants From Cross Country Nurseries

  1. I’m loving all your garden posts, I’ll have to stop by and watch some of the videos. I like to start our veggies from seed, I even have a few pepper plants going right now. Nothing beats a garden and growing your own food!


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