Grilled Carolina Reaper Honey Glazed Chicken Wings

Can you handle the heat of some Carolina Reaper grilled chicken wings, if you can then you might like this grilled chicken wing recipe. This chicken wing recipe has a honey reaper glaze and tastes great.
Chicken wings are one of my favorite foods, and I had to share one of my spiciest recipes. These chicken wings pack a ton of flavor! Not only do you have that super spicy Carolina Reaper taste, but this recipe also has a nice dose of smokey taste.

Here’s a link to the hot sauce I used. This is an affiliate link, so I could receive commission if you use my link.


Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce By Torchbearer

If there was one hot sauce to bring on the zombie apocalypse it would be Zombie Apocalypse by Tourchbearer.  Okay, maybe not, but all joking aside this sauce is taste amazing!

It’s a slow build up like most super hot sauces and is full of flavor.  Right away you can taste the garlic and maderins, which gives this hot sauce a nice twist.  What’s even better about this sauce is that it is extract free.  That means that this sauce is only made from fresh chilies and other fresh ingredients.  It’s even gluten free!

If you don’t like super hot flavors, then you might want to pass this sauce up.  On the other hand, if you do like really spicy food then definitely pick this up.  Be warned this sauce is over 500,000 scollville units.  Scollville units is how chiliheads measure the  spiciness of chilies.  To give you some prospective a  jalapeño is between 2,000-5,000 scollvilles, so you can imagine how hot this hot sauce is.

Below you can find my friends and I trying this sauce for the first time.


Bhut Jolokia Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Carrot, Mandarin Orange, Tomatoes, Distilled White Vinegar, Vegetable Oil, Garlic, Sugar, and other all natural spices.


The Last Dab Hot Sauce Challenge!

This is one of the hottest Hot Sauces in the world! It’s made with smokin’ Ed Curry’s new Pepper X, which is suppose to be even hotter than his Carolina Reaper Chili. As most of you know, this hot sauce is made by Sean Evans, who is the host of Hot Ones. Hot Ones is a weekly show that interviews celebrities as they try hotter and hotter hot sauces. The Last Dab is the last and hottest sauce they try. Check out their channel, it’s called First We Feast. Let me know if you guys got this and how you reacted to it. Was it supper hot for you guys?

The Last Dab Hot Sauce:

Music by TeknoAxe, Song is Reprogrammed Reality.


iBurn Hot Sauce Store in Houston

If you live in Houston or will be in town sometime soon, you have to check out iBurn.  It’s a hot sauce store in Houston, Texas and they have an awesome selection of hot sauces and beyond. They even have salsas, chili powders and spicy candy.

If you’re into extreamly hot sauces, there’s even a small room in the back with the super hot stuff. A small warning this room is not for the noob or faint of heart.   I love the super hot stuff, but the coolest thing about this store is that they have a nice selection of local sauces.  You can check out my tour video below.