How To Prepare Your Garden For Chilies and More


I grow chili plants every year, and in this video I show you guys how to space and prepare your chili plants. Preparing your garden can be a bit confusing, so I hope this video clears things up!

As far as spacing goes, I’m using the Square Foot Gardening technique.  I really do think that the Square Foot Gardening technique is the best option for small gardens.  I also go into details on how you should prepare your transplant holes and how your roots can grow better.

Adding these steps to your spring garden preparations can improve your soil and help you produce better fruits and vegetables.
I grow my pepper plants in raised beds, so adding amendments to my soil and plants is important. That way my chili plants get all the minerals and fertilizer they need to thrive.

Chili Plants From Cross Country Nurseries

If you want to skip the process of starting chili plants from seed, then is the perfect place to order your chili plants from.  I don’t have the space or equipment to grow my own pepper plants from seed, so this is always a perfect option.  Plus, they have a ton of varieties to choose from. 500 to be exact, but not every variety is always in stock.

This is my second year ordering from Cross Country Nursery and they always do an awesome job with shipping my pepper plants. These plants are grown in a greenhouse up in New Jersey, so because of the cold they just started shipping this past week.  A few varieties are already sold out for the season, so if you want to place an order do it soon.

I received my plants yesterday, so I’m going to harden them off for a few days before I plant them in my garden bed.  You want to harden off your plants, so they get use to being outside and don’t suffer from shock.  After all, these plants are used to the controlled conditions of a greenhouse.

The bottom line is that this is a great option if you want to grow peppers and skip the seed process.



The Last Dab Hot Sauce Challenge!

This is one of the hottest Hot Sauces in the world! It’s made with smokin’ Ed Curry’s new Pepper X, which is suppose to be even hotter than his Carolina Reaper Chili. As most of you know, this hot sauce is made by Sean Evans, who is the host of Hot Ones. Hot Ones is a weekly show that interviews celebrities as they try hotter and hotter hot sauces. The Last Dab is the last and hottest sauce they try. Check out their channel, it’s called First We Feast. Let me know if you guys got this and how you reacted to it. Was it supper hot for you guys?

The Last Dab Hot Sauce:

Music by TeknoAxe, Song is Reprogrammed Reality.


iBurn Hot Sauce Store in Houston

If you live in Houston or will be in town sometime soon, you have to check out iBurn.  It’s a hot sauce store in Houston, Texas and they have an awesome selection of hot sauces and beyond. They even have salsas, chili powders and spicy candy.

If you’re into extreamly hot sauces, there’s even a small room in the back with the super hot stuff. A small warning this room is not for the noob or faint of heart.   I love the super hot stuff, but the coolest thing about this store is that they have a nice selection of local sauces.  You can check out my tour video below.

How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

Sunday, some friends and I built a new raised garden bed for my chili plants that are on the way.  I have 42 pepper plants coming, so I needed more space.  I decided on a 4’x20”x11’ size bed.


This was a little more expensive than the bed I built last year, because I decided to build it 20 inches tall, rather than only 10 inches.  This bed may had cost a little more money, but it’s going to be worth the investment.  The extra depth means that the roots will have more space to grow, so I’m hoping this will help my chilies grow better than last year.

what you will need:

4 (2’x10”x11’) untreated wood

4 (2’x10”x4’) untreated wood

4 (2’x4”x2’) untreated wood

4 (1’x10”x1’) untreated Wood

Most of the time Lowe’s or Home Depot will be happy to cut your lumber, but our store only allowed 10 cuts.  This was just to control the line to cut lumber, but the guy at our store did the extra cuts anyway.   It was a fun project and below you can find a video of use building the raised bed.




The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I started this blog to document my gardening process.  I grow mostly chilies, but I plan of growing more than that.  My priority is growing chilies, but it’s nice to have things like basil, onions and tomatoes growing in the garden too.  Those are all great complement to chilies, especially if you make hot sauces or salsas with the chilies.  If you want to learn about gardening and chilies then you’re in the right place.